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7289 North Teutonia Avenue, Milwaukee, WI

Providing Mobility Solutions for over 22 years

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Portable Ramps - Multi Fold

Use one of our Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps to quickly provide a solution when wheelchairs or mobility scooters need to access areas with steps. Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum, these ramps are designed to be portable. For transport, they can fold down to a quarter of their size and by simply pulling a safety release pin the ramps will break down into two easy-to-carry pieces with built-in handles. An included Velcro latch keeps everything firmly together until it's time to unfold them. These ramps are compatible with all styles of wheelchairs, power chairs and mobility scooters, and all ramp sizes come with a 600 lb. weight capacity to ensure your safety while using the ramp. For a semi-permanent or permanent installation, these ramps come with mounting holes and have steel security pins.

Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

600 lb. Capacity

* Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum

* 600 lb. Weight capacity

* Available in 8 lengths to accommodate rises up to 24" high

* High-traction grit surface and side rails for added safety

* Includes steel security pins for mounting, Velcro closures for transportation, and built-in carrying handles

* Tapered curbs allow doors to be opened without hitting the ramp

* Folds to 1/4 of its original size and breaks down into two easy-to-carry pieces

Length     Max. Rise     Folded Length    Weight     Price

4 foot        8 inches       29-1/4 inches      24 lbs      $ 379.00

5 foot       10 inches            35 inches       32 lbs.     $ 419.00

6 foot       12 inches            41 inches       33 lbs.     $ 458.00

7 foot       14 inches            47 inches       38 lbs.     $ 529.00

8 foot       16 inches            53 inches       44 lbs.     $ 649.00

9 foot       18 inches            58 inches       50 lbs.     $ 749.00

10 foot     20 inches       4-1/2 inches       63 lbs.     $ 879.00

12 foot     24 inches            77 inches       82 lbs.    $1350.00

Made in the USA