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7289 North Teutonia Avenue, Milwaukee, WI

Providing Mobility Solutions for over 22 years

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Wheelchair Access Ramps with Handrails

For increased safety and stability,a semi-permanent access ramp with hand rails is the perfect solution for your mobility needs. Manufactured from aluminum, these ramps feature seamless construction, a slip-resistant surface, and a self-adjusting ground transition plate. The durable handrails provide additional stability for anyone using a walker, cane, or crutches. Weather-proof and durable, these maintenance-free ramps are an excellent alternative to wood. They will not rust or rot, guaranteeing years of use. The one-piece design makes installation easy, simply place the ramp where you need access, and install the handrails. These ramps can be used with manual wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters. With multiple lengths available, they are ideal for temporary or semi-permanent home access when a more expensive modular ramp system is not practical. Two pre-drilled mounting holes make it easy to permanently install the ramps if necessary.

Aluminum Wheelchair Access Ramps with Handrails

*Manufactured from high-strength aluminum

*850 lb. weight capacity

*Available in 8 lengths to accommodate a variety of rises

*Textured extruded aluminum surface for increased traction and safety

*Ideal for temporary or semi-permanent placement

*3" high side curbs increase safety and prevent accidental falls

*Smooth handrails on each side for added security

        Length            Width             Weight           

        3 foot            36 inches           37 lbs.         

        4 foot            36 inches           45 lbs.         

        5 foot            36 inches           55 lbs.           

        6 foot            36 inches           63 lbs.           

        7 foot            36 inches           71 lbs.          

        8 foot            36 inches           79 lbs.          

        9 foot            36 inches           88 lbs.          

      10 foot            36 inches           97 lbs.