Model VSL-175 Travel Scooter II Vehicle Lift

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Model VSL-175 Travel Scooter II Vehicle Lift
  • The ideal lift solution for keeping the 3rd-row seating fully functional! It’s ideal for most of today’s minivans which have 3rd-row seats that fold down and provide a pocket storage area to store your travel scooters and Bruno’s Travel Scooter Lifter.
  • Eliminates the struggle of lifting/storing your 3-or 4-wheel travel scooter or folding manual wheelchair. Raises your mobility device into the rear of your minivan, all at the touch of a button.
  • Operates off of the vehicle’s battery; it can also be used with Bruno’s optional Pow’rPac. With the scooter/manual folding wheelchair next to the bumper, just attach the docking device and push the UP button to raise it above the bottom of the door opening. Then, simply swing the lift arm into the vehicle and push the DOWN button-it’s as simple as that!
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 145 lb./65 kg.
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