Model PUL-1700 Cab-SiderT Vehicle Lift

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Model PUL-1700 Cab-Sider™ Vehicle Lift
  • Gives you the advantage of driving a pickup truck while still being able to store your wheel chair inside the cab, protected from the weather. It’s compact enough to allow small items or soft luggage to be placed in the cab area when the chair is stored. Your truck bed remains free for other use and can even be equipped with a cap, if desired.
  • Simple to operate! Powered by your vehicle's battery. Just roll the wheelchair next to the vehicle, transfer, and use the hand-held controller to do the rest. Unloading the chair is easy and trouble free!
  • Can be powered by the vehicle's battery or powered with the optional Bruno Pow'rPac.
  • Simple installation means easy removal when it comes time to trade in your vehicle.
  • Available for most full-size, mid-size and select compact trucks that features an extended cab with a fourth door.
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