Model PUL-1100 Out-Rider® Vehicle Lift

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Model PUL-1100 Out-Rider® Vehicle Lift
  • Adds a new dimension to your lifestyle, giving you the freedom to drive a pickup truck whether you use a folding/rigid wheelchair, scooter or power chair.
  • Unique, fully-automatic design. Optional, easy-to-operate, hand-held controller lets you lift and store your mobility device in the bed of your standard or long-box pickup while sitting in the cab.
  • Three models available: 100 lb./45 kg. quick lift for manual wheelchairs, 200 lb./91 kg. lifting capacity for scooters and smaller power chairs, 300 lb./136 kg. for larger power chairs.
  • Can be installed on either the driver- or passenger-side and utilizes your vehicle’s battery. Installation requires no welding or structural modification. Durable design permits operation during adverse weather conditions.
  • Can be powered by the vehicle's battery or powered with the optional Bruno Pow'rPac.
  • Bruno also offers the Turny™ Power Seat Lift System to assist individuals who have difficulty transferring in and out of full-size pickup trucks. Plus, Bruno’s unique, optional Pow’r Topper™ Tilt Cap covers your mobility device.
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