Model AWL-150 Wheelchair-Lifter Vehicle Lift

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Model AWL-150 Wheelchair-Lifter Vehicle Lift
(Rear-Door Application)

  • Eliminate the struggle of lifting/storing your folding wheelchair into a full-size van or minivan.
  • Raise a wheelchair vertically into the rear door of your full-size van or minivan in just seconds - all at the touch of a button.
  • Powered by the vehicle’s battery, or can be used with Bruno’s optional Pow’rPac. With the wheelchair next to the bumper, just attach the chair to the lift’s docking device and push the UP button to raise the wheelchair above the bottom of the door opening. Then, simply swing the lift arm and wheelchair into the vehicle and push the DOWN button - it’s that easy!
  • Can be installed in most full-size vans and minivans when storage area can accommodate your folding wheelchair.
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 55 lbs./25 kg.
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